Dog Dies From Eating Poisonous Plant

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Dog owners need to prevent their dog being poisoned by ensuring they don’t have access to toxic plants. Common plants that are poisonous to dogs include Apocynaceae species (Oleander), Viscum album (Mistletoe) and also Phoradendron (which is also known as Mistletoe); Euphorbia species (Castor oil plant, Coral plant, Petty spurge, Chinese tallow tree, Poinsettia, Zigzag plant, Naked lady, […]


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Whenever I hear a vet, doctor or anyone else say that Homeopathy doesn’t work and it’s only a Placebo, it really irks me. Although herbal medicines and nutrient therapies are important in the prevention and treatment of disease, I have witnessed what can only be described as miracles with correctly prescribed ‘practitioner-only’ homeopathic medicines (not […]

Dogs Prefer Winners

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The following article was written by Jennifer Viegas (published in Discovery News, 26.9.06: “Dogs seem to enjoy watching other dogs compete against each other and gravitate towards the winners at the end of the game, according to a recent study. The UK researchers, who publish their research in the journal Animal Behaviour, believe their discovery is […]

The Dangers of Dog Bones

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Did I miss something? I thought everyone would have known not to give their dog bones that were cooked but it seems that one manufacturer didn’t quite understand this and has been supplying pet shops with dangerous cooked dog bone products! VETS WARN ABOUT POPULAR DOG BONES The following article was written by John Matarese (3.1.12): […]

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