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The causes of health problems in dogs can be dependent on many factors. Based on many years of clinical practice as an Animal Naturopath, I’ve found the primary causes of canine diseases to be incorrect diet and nutrient deficiencies; exposure to toxins and having defective genes. Some health conditions are more common in certain breeds than […]


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The following article written by Kathy Gagliardi (Centennial Valley Animal Hospital, 20.8.12) is an important reminder that animals rely on us to keep them in an environment that allows them to maintain a stable temperature: “As we rush toward the comfort of air conditioning during hot weather, we should not forget our pets and their […]


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As a well-qualified animal naturopath for many years, it is refreshing to see articles such as the one below that supports the use of natural treatments for animals. The following article was taken from The Washington Post. Lori Aratani. News Date: June 11, 2009: GOING BEYOND THE USUAL Rx FOR ROVER, ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS GAINING ACCEPTANCE […]


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The following article is taken from the University of Missouri-Columbia (2011, December 19) on the similarity between the injuries animals experience to their kidneys and human kidney injuries: Pet Kidney Injuries Are Similar To Human Kidney Injuries “When evaluating early kidney injuries in people, doctors monitor blood level increases of creatinine, a waste product of […]


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If you have one or more dogs and you are expecting your first child, you may want to read the following article taken from AP News (Los Angeles, 31.1.12):      “Parents have months to get ready for a baby. Experts say the countdown should include prep time for pets too. A baby changes everything […]

Veterinary Care – What Happens When You Can’t Afford Surgery For Your Dog?

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Don’t feel guilty if costs prevent pet surgery, say Edmonton vets   The following article was written by Jamie Hall, Edmonton (26.12.11):     “EDMONTON- Sylvia Smith has never regretted the thousands of dollars she and her husband spent to save their beloved dog, Sandy. She is one of many readers who responded to my […]

Dog Dies From Eating Poisonous Plant

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Dog owners need to prevent their dog being poisoned by ensuring they don’t have access to toxic plants. Common plants that are poisonous to dogs include Apocynaceae species (Oleander), Viscum album (Mistletoe) and also Phoradendron (which is also known as Mistletoe); Euphorbia species (Castor oil plant, Coral plant, Petty spurge, Chinese tallow tree, Poinsettia, Zigzag plant, Naked lady, […]

Dog Naturopath: Obesity in Pets – Is Your Dog or Cat Too Fat?

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Dog Naturopath: Obesity in dogs and cats is increasing rapidly in line with the obesity epidemic in humans. As a dog naturopath, I  find the most common cause of obesity in dogs is caused by feeding your pet a commercial diet. Canned foods and dry foods are usually high in carbohydrates (especially the latter) and a […]


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When an animal is in pain as a result of injury or serious illness, naturally the pet’s owners become distraught and want to end their suffering by either seeking treatment for the condition or by having their pet euthanized. When veterinary treatments are offered, sometimes dog owners feel unsure whether to proceed or not for the following […]

Animal Naturopaths View on Canine Lipomas

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Veterinarian Advice on Canine Lipomas  The following article was written by Dr. Michael Watts (Star, 18.10.11): Q: My dog has developed a fatty tumor on her back leg that doesn’t seem to bother her. My veterinarian says it is probably a lipoma. What are lipomas and where do they come from? A: Lipomas are well-encapsulated, benign […]

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