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I just received this feedback from one of my clients and have been given permission to share it with you: Rocco was a street dog that was found and is now cared for by his kind owner, Stephanie Montalvo. When Stephanie rescued Rocco, he was underweight; covered in fleas; had mange and was suffering from […]

Animal Naturopath – Are Annual Vaccinations Really Necessary?

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Do you have your dog vaccinated annually? You may want to ask your vet to test your dog instead, to see if that’s really necessary. It seems from research that was conducted by surveying vets on their vaccination protocols, many of them would consider testing dogs antibody levels rather than giving routine vaccinations. In addition, […]


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Research indicates that many diseases can be caused from nutrient deficiencies and prevented with the right nutrient supplements but most pet owners do not realize the potential risks of buying ‘off the shelf’ supplements for their dog. Nutrient supplements can severely compromise the health of your dog if they contain harmful, cheap fillers such as talcum […]


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Over the years that I’ve been helping pet owners improve their dogs health, I have found there can be many factors that determine how long a dog lives and what quality of life they have. In my experience, dogs that have been fed a healthy natural diet; have been kept within a normal weight; get taken […]

Dog Naturopath: Obesity in Pets – Is Your Dog or Cat Too Fat?

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Dog Naturopath: Obesity in dogs and cats is increasing rapidly in line with the obesity epidemic in humans. As a dog naturopath, I  find the most common cause of obesity in dogs is caused by feeding your pet a commercial diet. Canned foods and dry foods are usually high in carbohydrates (especially the latter) and a […]

How does natural animal health differ from veterinary treatments?

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Our naturopathic approach to animal health services may differ from traditional veterinary services in a number of ways. Our holistic pet care approach complements vet services. The focus is on treating the underlying causes of pet’s health disorders and animal therapy may include herbal medicine, animal homoeopathy, natural diet, nutrition programs for animals and natural […]

What are some of the benefits of naturopathic animal health care for my pet?

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Naturopathic health care for your pets aims to achieve optimum health, vitality & longevity. Our health care systems can often treat problems effectively that have not responded to any other treatment protocols. In addition, unlike most drug therapies, our treatments do not usually have side effects or long-term effects and can therefore improve the quality […]

Welcome to Naturopathic Animal Services

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Do you want your pet to be all-natural, toxin-free, have vitality & great health? Do you want to save $$ in vet bills? If your pet is unwell, do you wish to find the underlying causes of your pet’s problems rather than just treat the symptoms? Do you want to treat these problems with safe […]

Natural Animal Health for pets, specialising in natural health for dogs. Naturopathic dog therapy with a holistic approach to animal health may complement conventional vet treatments. We offer expert naturopathic advice for dogs from a qualified animal naturopath that specializes in natural dog health. We are based in South Australia's Adelaide Hills region but consult throughout Australia and internationally, with clients in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, the ACT, NSW, the NT, Tasmania, Western Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and other countries throughout the world. While we specialise in dogs health problems and natural animal therapy we also treat people with naturopathic medicine and offer clinic services in natural health. Many clients have found natural animal therapy to be more effective or less invasive than conventional vet services. Our clients have a common interest in the health and wellbeing of their dog and are looking for natural preventative health programs and natural remedies for dogs such as herbal medicines and homeopathy that are often not offered by veterinary practices or veterinarian clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Canine natural pain relief and natural animal therapy for inflammation are common conditions that may benefit from naturopathic animal health treatments and holistic pet care.

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